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Take Action


Find Your Representatives in Congress

You can find out which congressperson represents you here. For the Senate, here is an index of Senators and the states they represent, with contact info.

You can also simply call the U.S. Congress switchboard at  (202) 224-3121.


Prepare Some Quick Talking Points

Take a look at the Trumpcare 101 and Issues pages of this site and figure out what matters most to you. Jot down some quick notes or simply tell your representatives to "vote NO on Trumpcare." The most effective calls are polite, respectful, and brief.


Some Suggestions if it Helps...

  • I am calling to urge  Representative/Senator ___ [last name] to vote:
    • NO on increasing the uninsured
    • NO on cutting Medicaid or Medicare
    • NO on defunding women's health
    • NO on tax cuts for the wealthy
  • I have seen CBO analysis that clearly shows these are things Trumpcare will do. 
  • [If the person suggests there are "replacement" plans that will come later to address these problems, consider this:] I have not seen any plans that maintain the coverage and protections we have today. That is what Representative/Senator ___ must protect. I don't trust Congress to come back later and fix this.
  • Thank you.